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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 14, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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sheena, i have a feeling people haven't let it out of their sight in the last five days. >> i have not. i will tell you that i switched out my shoes for you go boots. >> that is the official start of winter right there. >> i am covering up more of my feet now. i guess that means it's pretty cold outside. for many neighborhoods we are in the 30s right now. this is not the coldest point of the morning either. temperatures will keep dropping until sunrise. look at frederick at 32 degrees. manassas below freezing. 35 dulles, 34 in clinton. 30 -- we have colder temperatures on the map. 39 degrees in leesburg. as you wake up and walk outside, still in the 30s. by 7:00 a.m., warm jacket this morning. 8:00, temperatures around 40. by 9:00 a.m., in the 40s. today will be a dee september day. chilly in
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rain chance ahead. thank you, sheena. we're following a developing story in prince george's county. detectives are trying to figure out who shot a man and killed him. last night investigators spent hours. neighbors called 9-1-1 to -- around 7:30 last night. when officers got there, there was a man in a parking lot. he died at the hospital. a food truck and a family car. the truck driver is going to court this morning accused of killing a local mother. this was the aftermath of that awful crash in loudoun county. prosecutors say tony danes was driving recklessly down evergreen mills road and he crashed into aaron kaplan and his family. kaplan died and his teenage son was badly hurt. the family's attorney says they're relieved a grand jury decided to indict him. >> i think the family hopes that justice will prevail and so
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knowing that the law enforcement officials spent months looking at this case and decided that the evidence supports bringing charges is a relief to them. >> the family filed a wrongful death suit against ton i dang. he's facing several criminal charges including manslaughter. president trump is on his way home from the philippines. he called the trip tremendously successful. the president tweeted that his meetings in the philippines will lead to fair trade deals and he teased a quote major statement from the white house when he gets back here to washington. he will be coming home to new fallout from the russia investigation. a new report involves his oldest son donald trump jr. as kristen welker says, it involves him secretly corresponding with wikileaks in the months after the elect
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months of correspondence during the campaign between the president's eldest son and wikileaks, the hacker wit u.s. intelligence community was used by the russian government to disseminate information. the direct twitter messages were turned over to congressional -- to lawyers. trump jr. largely ignored the frequent messages from wikileaks, but in one instance wikileaks direct messaged trump jr. writing strongly suggest your dad tweet this link if he mentions up. trump jr. didn't respond immediately but his father tweeted 15 minutes later. very little hiccup by the dishonest media of incredible information by wikileaks. two days later on october 14, 2016, trump jr. tweeted out the link wikileaks sent him on election day, wikileaks wrote to don jr. hi
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if your father loses, it's more interesting if he does not concede and spends time challenging the media and other rigging that occurred. no response from donald trump jr. to that. the trump administration consistently denied any coordination with wikileaks. >> i think all of us have had concerns about wikileaks over the years and it's just a reality of american life today and of life in the wider world. >> now to the growing scandal involving roy moore. this morning the republican is making growing demands that he drop out of the alabama senate race. coming from his own party, even mitch mcconnell. a new accuser has come forward claiming moore forced himself on her when she was a teenager. beverly nelson describes the incident in graphic detail. >> i tried fighting him off, for him
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he began squeezing my nneka tempting to force my head on to his crotch. >> roy moore held a news conference overnight to deny the accusations which he calls, "absolutely false." moore says he didn't know beverly nelson and "never did what she said i did." turning here to local politics, we're still dealing with decision 2017. voters in stafford county could shift the -- why their provisional ballot should be counted. officials saw 55 provisional ballots. the court is going to rule on whether they should be allowed to count. 51-49. three races are still too close to call. meanwhile, over in fairfax county, the electoral board accepted about half of its provisional ballots. the board expects to certify those result
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>> it's been a week since jimmy fallon's mom passed away. last night he made a return to late night. take a look at the special moment taylor swift shared with fallon during her time on the show. >> swift wasn't scheduled to perform last night. she says she wanted to. she wrapped up her song, new year's day. she left the piano to give fallon a hug. she was his mom's biggest fan and he's going to go on in her honor. >> she was the best audience, the one i was always trying to make laugh and she was a fan of the show and everything i did. i feel so grateful to be able to do this every single night and i'm appreciative of all of the support my family received the past week. we're going to continue to work hard to bring light and laughter into the world. thank you for watching. thank you for helping me and my family recover from this loss.
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make you laugh. i love you. >> boy, you've got to feel like she's looking down on him right now being very, very proud. that had to be incredibly tough to come out and try to be funny a week after losing your mom. >> you have to imagine. it's not easy at all. i will say it gives him a sense of normalcy to come back. we love jimmy fallon. >> love that hug from taylor too. >> that was cool. they're pretty good friends i'm assume will. >> they are. >> sheena, i have to ask you, i know we're sort of climbing out of this deep freeze. but i mean, is there any relief, are we going to get to any time of -- about the mid to low 50s that's warmer. closer to normal for this time of year. we cool down a bit. we're going to be cooler friday into the weekend. we have a mixed bag.
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ever push yourself away from the table at thanksgiving dinner and wonder if that button is going to hold? >> i love you way you think. >> no worries either way, right? >> the folks at stove top stuffing created thanksgiving dinner pants. look at that. they've got an over the belly stretch waistband and stove top stuffing flair to handle that expanding belly. >> you're saying nobody will notice. >> they're like pregnancy pants. a pair will set you back 20 bucks. cool view. this rink is on the roof of the watergate hotel. part of the family friendly winter venue, called top of the skate. it o
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rink is going to have a skate-up bar with booze i hot chocolate and bourbon spice cider. >> how many injuries do you think there will be? >> ice squait skating and alcohol, what do you think? 14 stories in the air. yeah. all right. >> we shall see, i guess. >> watergate got pretty good insurance. as you tumble 14 stories off the building. >> oh, boy. >> speaking of ice skating, i saw a lot of the local rinks. i signed my daughter up for an ice skating class. >> nice. >> the rinks are opening up. >> finally cold enough. especially as we go through the next several mornings. what we don't want when an ice rink is outside, is rain. we have a little bit of rain. look at the temperatures, 30s in our neighborhoods. we have mid-30s in some spots. fairfax at 39 in the district 43.
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is the coldest. some spots below freezing right now. ahead reinventing retail series. the move some companies are making in order to get your business in stores instead of online. the most wanted gift of the year and chances are it's on your list too. wt most folksha
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we're seeing new video this morning showing the moment a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake rocked iran. you see the grocery clerk ran for his life. the government says it stopped looking for survivors from sunday's earthquake. more than 400 people died. more than 7,000 injured when the 70,000 people need shelter this morning after the earthquake destroyed their home. today, friends and family will come together to remember a former major league baseball pitcher. roy halliday died when his plane crashed in the gulf of mexico. they're holding a celebration of life at spectrum field in florida. that's where they hold spring training. he spent part of his career playing for the phillies. he was a two-time cy young award winner. doctors are taking precautionary measures to prevent an attack. crews are putting in
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steel barriers. the barriers will protect them along las vegas boulevard. city officials say it can sustain a 15,000-pound car. now to our reinventing retail series. have you noticed how many retailers have gone out of business? already this year nearly 7,000 have closed up shop. so what's it going to take for retailers to win back your business? consumer reporter sue son hogan tells us how many are reinventing their brand. >> retailers that depend on foot traffic are trying to revamp the way they do business. online shopping is hurting their bottom line. we found some retailers offering their customers something really different that online retailers can't. that is that personal experience. for example, toys-r-us is planning a parents night out. the retailer will offer refreshments and keep the store
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in and do holiday shopping and toys-r-us is calling a relaxing atmosphere. another retailer decided to take shopping out of atmosphere. nordstrom is opening a store where you can shop online and pick up your order but you can't buy anything inside the store. it's offering manicures instead. you can enjoy a drink off of a full beverage menu and connect with a personal stylist there as well. all this week, we're showing you how this industry is really reinventing retail. tomorrow we'll take a look at the toy competition online versus brick and mortar. see you then. thank you, susan. >> have you started your holiday shopping yet? sorry to put you on the spot. >> i started looking but i haven't bought anything. the idea is there. i haven't done anything. >> it is time to at least start thinking about what you want to get for the holidays. the most popular gift
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gift cards. it appears most folks aren't asking for clothes or gadgets. they want gift cards. they're hoping to unwrap gift cards this christmas. the biggest hits, amazon, visa and walmart. >> okay. sometimes it's nice to have a present like something tangible aside from a gift card. but you don't want junk or something you won't use. >> we give a lot of gift cards because i feel like it's so easy. i don't have time to find a present and i can't wrap or dot tape and stuff. >> for me personally, gift cards are very easy. >> it's starting to feel more like the holidays are approaching out there. >> it is. we had the one tree lighting already because thanksgiving is not even here. thanksgiving is here very soon, next week. i guess that's okay. temperatures are colder this morning. starting to feel more and more
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like the holidays. colder than yesterday morning. our next rain chance is thursday morning. it's not a big rain chance. but we'll see showers through the area. then we have for the weekend, rain and cold. we'll see rain move through the area then, cold and windy once the rain leaves. gaithersburg is below freezing at 30 degrees. ft. meade 30. quantico at 43. not bad there. we have a 32 in frederick. 39 leesburg. 41 in the district. 39 in clinton. yes, you want the warm jacket before you step outside this morning. nice and dry on radar. we have some clouds around. low clouds. those will start to clear out today. but we'll see a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. if you're exercise this morning. 39 degrees by 7:00 a.m. warm jacket there. by lunchtime in the upper 40s. by 5:00 p.m. once the sunsets and it's darker outside, we'll be dropping back down to 50 degrees. topping out, though, in the mid to low 50s today. normal highs, 59 degrees. today we're going to stay a little below
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tomorrow. thursday we'll be back around average. but then friday, we get colder again. the weekend is going to be quite a mixed bag. going into the weekend, we'll see upper 50s saturday. the rain chance moves in. could be lingering into sunday. we'll be watching that and have more updates coming up in a bit when chuck joins me. thank you, sheena. prosecutors say his would-be frat brothers gave him 18 minutes in almost as many minutes. now new charges were filed in the case. the new evidence in the death of a fraternity pledge at penn state. also ahead, why attorney general jeff sessions is considering a special counsel to investigate hillary
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more than 80 apparently used a group messaging app
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students in a business marketing app used group me. the university is still trying to decide what kind of punishment for the students. school officials say because it's a core class, some of the students may not be able to graduate on time if they're forced to retake it. this morning, there are new charges in connection to the death of a student at penn state. his would-be fraternity brothers are accused of leaving this young man to die. authorities say they have video that show some of what happened that night. as kristen dahlgren reports, video was apparently deleted by one of the fraternity brothers. >> as tim piazza's brace themselves for the first holiday season without their son, a dozen fraternity brothers now face charges. >> they then left him to die alone and they tried to cover it up. >> reporter: the new evidence from a basement camera inside penn state's beta theta pi fraternity. the district attorney says it was intentiona
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now restored by the fbi. >> what you see is you see the brothers coming up to him and bringing him the alcohol and putting it up to his mouth. >> reporter: the new charges range from involuntary manslaughter to hazing. one brother charged with tampering with evidence for allegedly deleting the video as police searched the house. according to the district attorney, the new video shows piazza given at least 18 drinks in an hour and 22 minutes. >> that's murderous almost. how could you not know that that's bad? >> reporter: prosecutors say no one called 9-1-1 until almost 12 hours after piazza first fell down the stairs. in september, a judge dismissed the original felony charges. but the d.a. and the piazzas refused to give up. bolstered by the video they say fraternity brothers never wanted anyone to see. >> guess what, guys, now we
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nbc news new york. senseless loss for that family. it's coming up on 4:26. "news4 today" continues right now with aaron and eun. now on "news4 today," the man accused of slamming a food truck into a car killing a woman and injuring her children heads to court. why he's facing charges after more than two months. >> clinton's special counsel. what attorney general jeff sessions is mulling hours before he testifies on capitol hill. the video that captures our region's -- dressed as a car thief. now he's introducing us to the man behind that disguise. >> it takes all kinds. look at that. the hand sticking out at the bottom. >> a little bit. >> did he go out as halloween dressed as a car seat. >> i thought i saw him the
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i saw a car following me and i was sure there was no driver. i thought it was funny but it's not funny. >> we have adam in blacksburg this morning. >> i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. 41 degrees outside our studios here, guys. it's cold now. it's going to be this way. >> we have spots below freezing. take a look at these numbers. if you think 41 is chilly in the district, look at this. 34 means -- we have spots either at or below freezing. 34 clinton. 39 degrees in leesburg. yes, it is cold. this morning, we have many cold mornings ahead. especially as we go into next week as well. we'll have rain in between here and next week. if you're headed out this morning, we're nice and dry. warm jacket at the bus stop. many of our suburbs.
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3:00 p.m. this afternoon, i would say comfortably cool. temperatures at about the mid to low 50s. but as far as that commute is concerned, it is dry out there, melissa mollet. how are the roads looking? >> i like that. thank you very much for that. overall, no major problems here. roadwise, i want to tell you about something happening on the beltway. first, taking a look at the beltway. inner loop and outer loop, looking good. right lane there blocked at the work zone. that should be out of the way soon. that's from last night. taking a look now at 270 from frederick down to the spur, you can see you're on tien. take you 27 minutes there. take a live look at 66 coming up in a couple of minutes. >> melissa, thank you. we are following a developing story. a man is dead and prince george's county police are trying to figure out who killed him. detectives spent hours collecting evidence from the scene on 85th avenue in new carrollton last night. neighbors started calling 911
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when officers arrived, they found the man in the parking lot of an apartment building shot. he died at the hospital. no word on any suspect information. >> the man who allegedly slammed his food truck into a family car killing a mother will be in court this morning. this was the aftermath of that crash back in september in loudoun county. tony dane is facing several charges, including involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say he was driving recklessly when he crashed into aaron kaplan and her family. kaplan died and her teenage son badly injured. an attorney said they're relieved a grand jury decided to indict. >> i think the family hopes that justice will prevail and so knowing that the law enforcement officials have spent months looking at this case and have decided that the evidence supports bringing charges is a relief to them. >> the family filed a
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death suit against tony dane. right now, president trump is on his way home from the philippines. he wrapped up his tour of asia a couple of hours ago. he spoke to reporters calling the trip tremendously successful. he tweeted that his meetings will lead to fair trade deals. the president teased he will be making "a major statement" from the white house when he returns. when he returns home, he'll face new questions in the russia investigation. >> this comes after the atlantic reported that donald trump jr. secretly corresponded with wikileaks during and after the campaign. hours after the report, trump jr. released a series of direct messages he says he received from the wikileaks twitter account. it shows junior responding three times. at one point he agreed to "ask around" about a political action committee wikileaks mentioned. they believe russia used wikileaks to


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